Meike Winnemuth, Journalist and globetrotter | guest list | DW | 12.08.2013
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guest list

Meike Winnemuth, Journalist and globetrotter

Meike Winnemuth became an overnight star after her triumph on the TV quiz show ”Wer wird Millionär?”

She used her winnings of €500,000 to go on a trip around the world, living in 12 different cities for a month at a time. The 53-year-old journalist recounts her experiences in a new book – and, of course on Talking Germany.

Meike Winnemuth loves experiments, which she also loves to share with the public. For an entire year, she wore the same blue dress and reported about her experiences on her blog, "The Little Blue". She won half a million euros on a television quiz show and wanted to use the money for something unforgettable. The money provided the impetus Meike Winnemuth needed to break out of the treadmill of daily journalism and go out into the wide world. Her blog, "The World Lies Before Me," in which she documented her travels, soon found a large community of fans and was honored in 2012 with  a Lead Award, a German media prize. After returning to her home town of Hamburg, Meike Winnemuth wrote "Das Grosse Los," a best-selling book about her win. Her conclusion: you need less than you think to get by in life and just need the confidence to do what you dream of doing.

She's now thinking about her next project. In 2014, she wants to live in twelve different German towns for a month at a time.

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