Meet Zihlo Ndlovu | Eco Africa | DW | 29.03.2019
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Eco Africa

Meet Zihlo Ndlovu

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Zihlo presents environmental issues and solutions in southern Africa.

A daughter of a Zimbabwean diplomat I have had the great opportunity to live in diverse countries like South Africa, Italy and the UK and travel to many countries in Europe and Africa.

After living in Europe for 11 years, I knew the time had arrived for me to return to Africa and find myself in media. I started off on radio in Zimbabwe and eventually joined Kwese TV in August 2017 as one of their pioneering presenters and have never looked back since!

My passion for all things media, traveling and meeting new people has sparked an acute interest in environmental issues and the need to raise awareness on this pertinent subject. In September 2018, I travelled to Estonia to host World Cleanup Day — a 24-hour non-stop broadcast on environmental issues touching on subjects like waste management and raising awareness about plastic.

I also enjoy working out and cooking and even hosted a culinary show for two years. I dream of one day hosting an African lifestyle and travel show that also focuses on local cuisine and waste management. That would be a dream made in media heaven!

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