Meat Dumplings | Beef and Pork | DW | 08.03.2011
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Beef and Pork

Meat Dumplings

Chef Ingrid Pernkopf from the Grünberg hotel in Upper Austria is an expert on preparing a large variety of dumplings.


A Simple Recipe for Meat Dumplings


250g flour

100-150ml water

1-2 tbsps vegetable oil

Pinch of salt


500g ground pork

1 chopped onion

2 chopped garlic cloves

1 tbsp paprika

chopped parsley

chopped majoram

chopped thyme

freshly ground white pepper




Mix the ingredients together and leave covered to cool in the fridge for an hour. Roll out walnut sized lumps of dough to form round sheets.


Sauté the onions in the oil. Mix with the meat and herbs. Take walnut sized lumps of stuffing and form balls. Freeze the meatballs.

Take the frozen meatballs and cover with sheet of dough. Cook for 15-20 minutes in simmering water.

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