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Martin Kuebler

Senior editor with DW for more than 10 years in Bonn, Germany and in Brussels. Previously worked as a journalist in Toronto, Prague and Budapest

Martin Kuebler is originally from Waterloo, Canada, and has more than two decades of editorial experience. He has lived in Europe since 2006, reporting from Central Europe and Belgium.

Martin has been with DW since 2010, working as an editor first in Bonn, Germany and then as an editor and reporter based in Brussels.

He was born and raised in Canada, where he studied English literature, communication studies and journalism. After starting his media career in Toronto, he moved to Europe in 2006. From Prague and Budapest, he reported on urban issues, the construction sector and the repercussions of the 2008 financial crisis. His current focus is explaining environmental issues, and investigating innovative climate solutions.

Martin speaks English, German and French, and has some knowledge of Dutch.

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