Mar i muntanya | euromaxx à la carte | DW | 14.06.2016
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euromaxx à la carte

Mar i muntanya

A mix of meat and seafood.


Mar i muntanya

Ingredients (serves 4-6 persons):

1.3 kilograms poultry meat

1 onions

2 cloves garlic

3 tomatoes

12 pieces Norway lobster (alternate: shrimp)

50 milliliters Brandy

50 grams almonds

50 grams hazelnuts

white bread

olive oil

parsley, bay leaves, salt and pepper


Heat the olive oil in a pan at high temperature. Season the meat with salt and pepper and brown in the oil. Remove meat from pan. Finely chop onions and garlic and saute in the same oil. Grate the tomatoes and add. Let mixture simmer and add the brandy. Allow some liquid to evaporate. Then place the meat in the sauce and add enough water to nearly cover. Simmer for 90 minutes at medium temperature.

While the meat is cooking, prepare the "picada" or traditional herbal paste. Lightly toast the white bread and crush it into a paste together with the almonds, hazelnuts, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper.As soon as the meat is tender, add the seafood (lobster or shrimp) for 2 to 3 minutes. Stir in the picada and let the flavors blend. Enjoy!

This recipe comes to us courtesy of Sergi Ballus of the Occi Restaurant in Girona, Spain.

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