Lyon beat Wolfsburg in Women′s Champions League final | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 26.05.2016
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Lyon beat Wolfsburg in Women's Champions League final

Wolfsburg lost 4-3 on penalties to Lyon in the final of the Women's Champions League. The German side had overcome the very same opponent three years before in the 2013 final.

Wolfsburg have lost the Champions League final after taking Olympique Lyon to extra time and penalties, where they were beat 4-3 in the shootout at the Stadio Città del Tricolore in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The German side spent much of the game trailing a solitary goal from Ada Hegerberg in the 12th minute, before Ada Hegerberg scored an equalizer just minutes before the final whistle to take the game to extra time. Without any further goals from open play the game was decided by a penalty shoot out.

In a replay of the 2013 final, in which the German side won 1-0, it was the turn of the French giants to find some luck in the latter stages of the penalty shoot out. Despite Wolfsburg going 3-2 up in the showdown, Ralf Kellerman's side ultimately imploded with missed spot-kicks from captain Nilla Fischer and then Elise Bussaglia.

The trophy represents a third European crown for the French side, who have also just won their tenth consecutive league title.