Love Matters: Send us your feedback and win a prize! | Interaction | DW | 23.11.2021

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Love Matters: Send us your feedback and win a prize!

DW's English podcast provides a space for critical conversations on relationship topics important to Indians.

You want to talk about sex openly? Are you figuring out how to be happily single? Or are you at odds with your family over your partner choice?

Love Matters is here to help you navigate the ups and downs of love. Each week, Bollywood actress and DW presenter Evelyn Sharma hears from a listener with a relationship challenge and speaks to well-known Indians, who open up about their own experiences.

Now that we've finished recording the first season of Love Matters, it's important for us to get constructive feedback on the show from you — our listeners! What would you like to hear more of? Do you like the format?



Click here and write to us with feedback and you'll be part of a draw to win some DW swag.

The closing date is 13 December 2021. The judges’ decision is final.


We look forward to your feedback because we think love matters!

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