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Living Planet 210318 Podcast Picture Teaser

Living Planet

Looking to reconnect with nature? Want to make better decisions for the health of the planet? Every Friday, Living Planet brings you the stories, facts and debates on the key environmental issues of our time.

As our planet faces an ever-evolving climate crisis and environments change, Living Planet transports you to different corners of the globe to meet the people on the frontlines, explore solutions, tackle misinformation, and marvel at the wondrous, extraordinary aspects of the non-human world around us.

DW's award-winning, weekly podcast now comes to you in three new formats:

  • What's Better? – These episodes tackle the questions we ask ourselves every day. What's better for the environment – coffee or tea? Paper or plastic? Cotton or polyester? We find out to help you make more informed decisions.
  • Deep Dives – These long listens dive deep on issues affecting the health of our planet and all of us who live here. From the promise of carbon capture to farmers' mental health, we're going all in to bring you the latest research and differing viewpoints on important environmental topics.
  • Naturally Connected – In this special series, we explore the places, natural phenomena, and creatures – big and small – that make our planet a truly amazing place. It's a nature documentary for your ears!

You can listen and subscribe to Living Planet on Apple Podcasts,Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts.

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A radio version of Living Planet is also broadcast on stations around the world.

Got a question for us?

Have a burning question about an everyday decision and its environmental consequences? Want us to investigate an important environment topic? Get in touch at livingplanet [at] dw [dot] com