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Living Planet 210318 Podcast Picture Teaser

Living Planet

Listen to the award-winning, half-hour radio program and podcast for your weekly dose of environment stories from around the world.

As the planet faces an ever-evolving climate crisis and our environments change, Living Planet transports listeners to all corners of the globe to meet the people on the frontlines, explore radical solutions, tackle misinformation, and to marvel at the wondrous, extraordinary aspects of the non-human world around us.

You can listen and subscribe to Living Planet on Apple Podcasts,Spotify and wherever else you get your podcasts. Living Planet is also broadcast on radio stations around the world.

Got a question for us?

Get in touch at livingplanet [at] dw.com

*If you've got a minute, leave us a rating or review in your podcast app of choice. It really helps others find Living Planet!

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