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Above you can explore our Life Links videos by region. You can also visit our webisodes page: to explore our story universe by theme. And below you'll find the team's 'best of' selection across a whole year of storytelling.


About us

Life Links: What holds you back?

Though divided by geography, the lives of young people across the world are linked. Many face similar problems, be it poverty, struggling with an addiction, feeling rejected by society, or searching for a sense of self. Overcoming these obstacles is the challenge we share.
We cover the issues in depth with video documentaries, multimedia articles and open up the conversation to hear your thoughts and find out what matters to you. Our reporters were traveling the globe to connect the dots and tell your story, too. From October 2014 to December 2015, we produced 17 webisodes, each one giving a new answer to the question "What holds you back?"

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