Kosher - don′t you have that in Islam, too? | Documentaries | DW | 03.07.2012
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Kosher - don't you have that in Islam, too?

"Kosher - don't you have that in Islam, too?" - Encounters Between Jewish, Christian and Muslim Students in Berlin.


17-year-old Denis is an Orthodox Jew and studies the Torah every evening. 15-year-old Rasha is a devout Muslim but no longer wears her headscarf. 16-year-old Moritz is proud to be an atheist, while Selçuk, also 16, would like to learn how to pray to Allah. The four teenagers are participants in an exchange project started by Berlin's Jewish Museum. Two high-school classes that could hardly be more different get acquainted. One is from a neighborhood with a high percentage of immigrants, many of them Muslims; the other is from a private Jewish school. Will their faith, or lack of it, divide or unite them? This report follows a daring experiment in tolerance.

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