Karin Rewald, Cinematographer | Music | DW | 07.11.2012
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Karin Rewald, Cinematographer

Karin Rewald has worked as a cinematographer since 1983, focusing on everything from reports on current affairs to music documentaries.

Karin Rewald completed her training in cinematography at the Staatliche Fachschule für Optik, Fototechnik und Film (SFOF) (State College for Optics, Photography Technique and Film) in Berlin before working as a materials and camera assistant for film productions, including "Die Geschwister Oppermann" (1983, Director: E. Monk, Cinematographer: W. Treu), "Didi und die Rache der Enterbten" (1985, Directors: Chr. Rateuke, D. Hallervorden), and Herbert von Karajan's "Beethoven Sinfonien" (Director: H. Käch, Cinematographer: E. Wild).

Her own cinematography work began with the 1983 movie "Ein verlorenes Berlin - In Weißensee" (A Lost Berlin - in Weißensee), directed by R. Kostelanitz and M. Körber, which was shown at the 1984 Berlinale Film Festival.

From 1985 to 1988, she was a cinematographer at the film and television production company Cintec, where she filmed feature reports on cultural topics and current affairs for German public broadcasters, as well as for TF1, ORF, NOS and BBC. Together with editor Jürgen Bollmann, she help to establish the Berlin base of commercial broadcaster RTL.

She began working as a cinematographer for RIAS-TV in 1988, then for Deutsche Welle (DW) as of 1992, filming documentaries, features and reports - including the 1989 music documentary "Siegfried am Potomac" (Director: H. Chr. von Bock), as well as numerous profiles of conductors Daniel Barenboim, Zubin Mehta and James Levine.

Karin Rewald also works as a light-setting cinematographer for studio and external productions, and was, among other things, head cinematographer for the 1996 fairy tale opera "Hänsel und Gretel," directed by M. Wagner.

Rewald teaches cinematography to journalists from around the world at DW Academy. As a director at DW, she has headed production of TV journals and talk shows in German, English, Spanish and Arabic since 2002 - programs such as Euromaxx, Typisch deutsch, Made in Germany, Politik direkt and various external productions, which are broadcast around the world.