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Kalika Mehta
Image: Privat

Kalika Mehta

Sports reporter with special focus on women's sport and human interest stories

An avid sports lover, Kalika has covered a variety of major tournaments from the Cricket World Cup to the Super Bowl. Since moving to DW in 2022, Kalika has diversified into investigative sports journalism too.

Kalika began her career in England, covering the 2015 Men's Cricket World Cup for the Daily Mail and MailOnline before joining BBC Sport's regional hub in Birmingham and taking the lead of their coverage of women's cricket. During her time with the BBC, Kalika's wide interests saw her cover in a variety of sport with a regional angle.

After moving to London in late 2017, Kalika began working for Sky Sports and continued to lead in the coverage of women's cricket whilst also writing on the Premier League, NFL and golf. In 2019, Kalika's cricket expertise saw her be a part of the team that covered the home Men's Cricket World Cup.

Since moving to Germany 2021, due to her keen interest in the NFL and American football's growth in the country, Kalika has diversified her reporting. She has spent time investigating abuses within sporting federations, with a close focus on the impacts on athletes.

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