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Kahn's Latvian Dilemma

DW staff (win)June 19, 2004

German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn is faced with a difficult choice in the Euro 2004 game against Latvia tonight: He can either help his team stay in the championships or take up an offer of honorary Latvian citizenship.

What am I going to do?Image: AP

Family ties might already make it possible for Kahn to obtain a passport from the Baltic country: After all, his paternal grandmother was Latvian and his father was born there.

But Latvia's ambassador to Germany thought he might at least try to convince Kahn to help the Latvian team score at least one goal.

"Actually, we don't have a chance in the match," Martin Virsis told German tabloid Bild. "But if Kahn makes mistakes and we advance, we'll make him an honorary citizen."

Virsis also tried to encourage Kahn with another statement: "In Latvia, the women are more attractive than in Germany."

Kahn recently split up with his girlfriend, saying that he wanted to concentrate more on his career.

To find out how Kahn decides, log in to DW-WORLD's live ticker of the game that starts at 4 p.m. UTC