Javier Arguedas | Business News - The Latest financial, market & economic news | DW | 12.04.2016
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Javier Arguedas

Born in:
San José, Costa Rica

Spanish, English, German, French

Degrees/Journalistic experience:
Masters Degree in Media Planning, Development and Consulting, Former International News Editor at Repretel, Costa Rica, Former Distribution Executive at DW

With DW since:

Favorite quote:
"Practical ideas are only practical when they are put intro practice." A. Porte

My personal hero:
Everyone can be a hero in their own way. I especially admire those who fight for freedom of speech.

What do I strive to be as a journalist?
A hero, a storyteller, a helper, a public servant? I strive to be an interpreter between the complex, sometimes confusing, world we live in and your everyday life.

7 things that you really shouldn’t know about me
1. When I start reading a book, I can’t leave it unfinished, even if I hate it. As a result, it sometimes takes ages for me to read a book.
2. I love airplanes and flying, but I’m too clumsy to be a pilot, so I’ve decided to live life as a passenger.
3. Television is my passion, and I usually watch the first airing of every show that runs for the first time. Netflix ruined it all.
4. I´ve lived 50% of my life in Germany and 50% in Costa Rica. When I’m in Costa Rica, I miss Germany. When I’m in Germany, I miss Costa Rica. I’m too German to live in Costa Rica, and too Costa Rican to live in Germany.
5. I can sleep anytime, anywhere, and I am secretly afraid it will happen on air some day.
6. My full name can only be pronounced correctly in Spanish speaking countries, so I react to almost any similar-sounding noise. No matter what you call me, I will turn around.
7. I am a fan of Microsoft and Windows, and it’s a very lonely world. See that smile while I’m telling you that the Apple shares went up? It is fake.