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Janina Huhn's fact sheet

Janina Huhn
September 20, 2015

Who wouldn't want to be queen, at least for a while? Germany's 66th wine queen Janina proves that the job takes more than just waving and smiling at a camera.

Generation 25 Protagonist Janina Huhn

What is your name?
Janina Huhn

Where and when were you born?
On October 25,1989, in Bad Dürkheim

What is your current place of residence?
Still Bad Dürkheim

What is currently on your mind? Send us a tweet about your life (140 characters).
Things are rather intense at present.

What are you proud of?
I'm proud off the fact that this is my home and that I'm a part of it. And I'm proud of all the successes in my own life, particularly the fact that I have managed to become Germany's wine queen - despite not being a winemaker.

What are you ashamed of?
As time goes by, I feel increasingly less embarrassed by any of life's little challenges. Thankfully, I have developed a rather relaxed outlook on these kinds of things, so there's nothing I can even think of to tell you off the top of my head.

Tell us about an image that will never be erased from your memory.
I really had to think hard to come up with a response for this question. There are many such images that are quite important to me, but several of them are rather personal. But I will never forget that emotional moment when I was elected as Germany's wine queen, especially when they announced the results: I looked down from the stage into the large crowd of people, where all of my "fans" just jumped for joy. You must know that these folks are usually rather reserved people. But they hugged each other and made so much noise, just for me. Every time I think about it I get goosebumps. But I have to admit that I feel a bit jealous of the fact that I couldn't be among them at that moment, celebrating this achievement in the crowd.

If you could choose one person to meet, dead or still alive, who would this be and why?
There's one particular person who comes to mind. Unfortunately, that person has died and I never had the privilege of meeting them.

What would have happened if the Berlin Wall had never come down?
I can imagine that many events would have taken a different path within my family, especially on my mother's side, and I probably would never have met some of my relatives. I have a great-uncle from Weimar, who really left an impression on me during my childhood. Without the reunification I would never have met him in person. And come to think of it, my tenure as Germany's wine queen would also have been very different. Two of Germany's wine regions would not have existed, and I could not have traveled in and out of Berlin so easily either. I love discovering new places in our capital city and can hardly imagine what it would look like if one half of the city was still off-limits.

Which song is currently at the very top of your playlist?
As I tend to enjoy oldies, I'd have to choose one of my all-time favorites, like "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.

What is your favorite video on YouTube?

(I think this video is inspired :D)