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Jana Oertel
Image: Stephanie Englert/DW

Jana Oertel

German journalist working at DW since 2000 

Editor and reporter for the Culture and Documentaries departments with a focus on cultural diversity and European traditions

Jana Oertel studied art history in the 1990's at the Freie Universität in Berlin. She started working as a culture and lifestyle reporter at DW after graduation. Her journalistic work for DW's culture program "Euromaxx," the Youtube Channels "DW Food," "DW Travel" and "DW Classical Music" have taken her to various European countries where she has met and interviewed the movers and shakers of the cultural world.  Her areas of expertise include architecture, community living, innovation and sustainability trends. She also feels at home in the world of Social Media, producing reels and videos for Instagram and Facebook. Jana is excited about people and their passions, and she loves to dive into Europe's rich culture, questioning and reporting on its particularities and traditions.