Is there any remedy for corns? | Dr. Lekutat’s answers | DW | 17.04.2015
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Dr. Lekutat anwers your questions

Is there any remedy for corns?

Kuraisha Wahid from Sri Lanka asks: "What causes corns? I love to walk and I’m wondering whether this is what causes corns. Is there any remedy for corns?". And here’s Dr. Lekutat’s reply.

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Is there any remedy for corns?

Dr. Lekutat's answer:

Thick calluses or corns can appear when the skin on the feet or toes is subjected to excessive friction or pressure. The callus is the skin’s attempt to protect itself. Walking in ill-fitting shoes is a common reason for corns and calluses. Many pharmacies sell salicylic acid plasters or solutions, which can help reduce calluses and corns. The solution should be applied after a soaking the foot in warm water. Trained pedicurists can also use special instruments to reduce corns. In the case of an especially stubborn corn, they can also be surgically removed. A natural remedy that’s also worth a try: place a raisin on top of the corn, and hold it in place with a band-aid. The raisin will help soften the callus, and it will also serve as a cushion to reduce pressure on the sensitive spot of the skin.

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