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U.N. headquarters in Bagdad: Can it expect more peacekeepers and weapons inspectors?Image: AP

Iraqi Ambassador: We Appreciate Germany's Stance

Interview conducted by Michael Knigge
February 12, 2003

Iraq's highest representative in Germany welcomes his host country's resistance to U.S. pressure to go to war with Iraq. Muayad S. Hussian told DW-WORLD that American threats are just propaganda.


Since the Gulf War in 1991, Iraq and Germany have not exchanged ambassadors. Iraq's Embassy in Berlin is headed by chargé d'affaires Muayad S. Hussian, who carries out the duties of an ambassador in Germany. DW-WORLD spoke to the Iraqi representative about Germany, Iraq and the United States.

NATO members Germany, France and Belgium have blocked a request for defensive military assistance for Turkey in the event of an Iraq war. What is your reaction to that move?

They did the right job. It is another show of global resistance to the American war cry.

While in the past Germany was one of the United States’ closest allies, currently it is one of the greatest opponents of American policy towards Iraq. How does Iraq view Germany’s position?

Germany’s current stance is in agreement with the vast majority of the world. We very much appreciate the fair stance taken by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Would you say Germany’s political opposition against a war in Iraq has helped the Iraqi government?

It helps Iraq, both the government and the people.

Do you have regular consultations with the German Foreign Ministry and Foreign Minister Fischer about the crisis?

Not recently. My last meeting with them was around one week ago.

German and French ideas to disarm Iraq are still very sketchy. However, they may call for many more U.N. weapons inspectors -- possibly backed by a large contingent of U.N. peacekeepers -- to be sent to Iraq. Would Iraq agree to let more inspectors and armed peacekeepers into the country?

Iraq welcomes all peaceful initiatives.

The U.S. is putting pressure on Germany and France to accept a new U.N. resolution that would call for military intervention if Iraq does not comply with resolution 1441. What do you think will be the outcome?

I can assure you that Iraq is complying fully with the Security Council resolutions, and we are going to cooperate fully with all the Security Council resolutions.

Currently most countries say that Iraq hasn’t cooperated fully.

No, this is just what you hear from the United States of America and Britain. No other third country says that.

U.N. Chief Weapons inspector Hans Blix has also said that Iraq hasn’t yet fully cooperated.

No, he didn’t say that. He said something different. You have to listen to him again. And we expect him to say something different in his report in two days also.

The U.S. says that Iraq is not complying with U.N. resolution 1441 and that it will be disarmed by force. Do you still think a war can be avoided?

I think we can avoid the war because the expression of peace is bigger than the expression of war, the global resistance to war.

Is Iraq going to make any concessions in the next couple of days? Can we expect any new initiatives from Iraq?

We are not making concessions. We are cooperating. I can tell you here that we are cooperating fully with the Security Council.

President Bush has said the game is over for Saddam Hussein. What will you do in the case of war?

We don’t care about what they are saying about us because all the world is with us. It’s not easy to start a war against us because of this resistance. You can see that in statements from all countries throughout the world.

Do you think the U.S. would attack alone, without a U.N. resolution or other allies?

That would mean they would fight the whole world because it’s not easy for the world to accept such aggression.

I don’t think they could do it because the whole world is saying “no” to the war. This is just propaganda that they are going to do so. I think in the end they won’t be able to do anything because the world, all the states, all the nations, are saying “no” to the war.

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