Instructions on how to make string art | Euromaxx - Lifestyle in Europe | DW | 04.05.2018

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Euromaxx - DIY

Instructions on how to make string art

The pineapple is currently a popular motif worldwide and here on DIY. Making this string art pineapple picture is quite easy and we'll show you how you can do it yourself.

Watch video 02:30

String Art – of Yarns and Nails

You'll need

  • A drawing or a print out of your motif. You can find the link to download my image under the video.

  • a piece of wood

  • wool that suits your motif

  • nails  – mine are 2.5 cm long

  • a hammer and

  • wood stain or paint, if desired



Stain the wood a dark color. You can paint it a bright color as well or just leave it as it is.

Let the stained wood dry completely before beginning.

Affix your pattern in the centre of your piece of wood with tape.


Now hammer the nails in everywhere circles have been drawn. If your motif doesn’t have any circles marked on it, draw them yourself every one to two centimeters, along the outer edge of your pattern.

When all of the nails are in, remove your paper pattern.

Tie a strand of wool around any nail and knot it.

Wind the yarn completely around the nail next to it, then go back to the first nail. Keep the yarn held taut, as it can quickly come undone and then you'll have to start all over again.

For the pineapple, creating a few lines in the centre gives it nice contours.

Cover the remaining free nails by winding the yarn around them just once.

This creates a nice, symmetrical pattern.

Tie a double knot and secure the end with glue.

All that’s missing is the pineapple’s green crown.

First, create the contours. For the inside wind the yarn around each nail once in a crisscross pattern.

And there it is: a really chic pineapple picture.



Good to know

To create a 'negative' image like this, hammer in nails all around the outside of your pattern. Start from one of these outer nails to wind the wool around the pattern.

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