Instructions on how to make a lamp with negatives | Euromaxx - DIY | DW | 13.04.2018
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Euromaxx - DIY

Instructions on how to make a lamp with negatives

Those of you who took or take analogue photos still have lots of negatives lying around. Today we will be showing you how you can make this really original table lamp from them.

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DIY: lamps with negatives

You'll need

  • a squared off table lamp made of glass with a smooth surface

  • an LED bulb that doesn't get too hot 

  • lots of negatives

  • Modge Podge and

  • a brush 



Put down a working surface, as the varnish is very sticky, 

Measure out how long the negatives have to be to fit one side of the lamp. 

You can glue the film strips horizontally but they also look great when glued vertically. 


Apply your glue and stick your negatives down well. Glue the perforated sides so they overlap and cut off protruding ends. 

From time to time or at the very end, spread your glue over the negatives as well. 

Glue the negatives down well along all four sides. 

Once you've finished gluing, you can stick down the edges with cellophane tape so the corners are rounded off. 

Now you're very individual lamp is finished.

All you need to do is turn it on to bask in memories of days gone by. 


Good to know

We were using color negatives, but you can also use black and white ones which will give the lamp a certain retro look.

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