Instructions on how to make a cord basket | Euromaxx - DIY | DW | 08.09.2017
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Euromaxx - DIY

Instructions on how to make a cord basket

A cord basket is very practical for all the odds and ends. So its always good to have one like this at home. This basket is supereasy to makeand we will show you how you can do it yourself!

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How to make a cord basket

You'll need

  • some cord, between 7 and 20 meters long, depending on how big you want your basket to be. 7 metres are enough for a basket the same size as a coffee mug. 20 metres will be enough to make a waste paper basket.

  • you will also need a glue gun and

  • a plastic flowerpot or pail


Work on a surface made of cardboard, for example since the glue can drip. Apply a little glue to the tip of your cord and roll it into a spiral. 

Apply glue to the cord again and roll it further in 

Wait a few moments and let the whole thing dry 

Keep going this way to form an ever larger spiral. 

Incidentally, you could also make a pretty coaster this way, if you were to stop at this point. 

But we’re making a basket.  So the spiral has to be just as large as the bottom of your flowerpot. 


Put the form on the container and lay the cord lengthwise and wind it around the pot. 

So the next rows will be glued one on top of the other. 

And here, you could stop after just a few rows, and you’d have a pretty little bowl. 


But we’ll keep going and wind the cord around to the lip of our mold – or until our cord runs out. 

Run a knife between the cord and the pot, because the basket’s sticking to it at a few spots. 

Then, remove the basket from the flowerpot. 


And here it is: your do-it-yourself basket, almost finished. 

Now all you have to do is glue down the end. 

Your  creation is completely done – and very practical for all the odds and ends. 



Good to know

You can also glue other forms like a plate or a vase, just use the right form and like with the basket start to glue the rope from the middle of the base.

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