How to become a better person: 10 resolutions for the New Year | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 28.12.2015
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How to become a better person: 10 resolutions for the New Year

DW's Rolf Rische has come up with a list of realistic New Year's resolutions, possible for everyone to follow. They also provide a great benefit: following this list will turn you into a better person!

Eat less, work out more, drink less alcohol, watch less TV, stop smoking… New Year's resolutions tend to always be the same. The problem is, despite a strong will, most resolutions are usually quickly broken. We have a solution for that.

Ten realistic New Year's resolutions that are guaranteed to make you a better person.

1. Plant at least one tree (hint: palms are not trees).

2. Be nicer to all the people that have earned it (there are not that many).

3. Go a day without watching TV, using a computer, your smartphone, your tablet (and also any ICT device, even if you've never heard of that).

4. Spend money on music (in any format: a download, a CD, a vinyl record, a live band).

5. Wear a piece of clothing that you originally wanted to get rid off, and wear it at least until the end of the year (we suggest something that still fits you).

6. Spend money on high-quality print journalism (if you can still find any).

7. Go a day without buying something containing plastic or plastic packaging (a wooden toothbrush is a nice alternative, for example).

8. Go at least a day without eating meat (if you're a vegetarian or vegan, we suggest going a day without annoying those who eat meat).

9. Be nice to yourself (after all, you've earned it for becoming a better person following our list).

10. Write out a list with better resolutions than the ones here (here are some things to get you started: single-serve coffee pods, paper cups, fur coats).