How Not to Flirt the German Way | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 14.01.2005
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How Not to Flirt the German Way

When it comes to the great game of flirting, Germans have a lot to learn, particularly bankers in Frankfurt, whose heads are crammed with the wrong kind of figures.


Germans need more than fruity props to fire their flirtation gene

Perfect flirting tactics may not be a German birth right, but all is not lost for those seeking an uninhibited blazing heart approach to wooing the man or woman of their dreams.

According to the Reuters news agency, a community college in the city of Frankfurt is offering lonely heart bankers the chance to flirt with flair. Called "Flirting, the Art of Seduction", the course promises to educate the uneducated in expressing desire, sending body signals and becoming smooth operators.

Run by instructor Florentina Ionescu the course has been a big hit with the city's hot-shot bankers and academics looking to inject some passion into their lives.

"People from the south of Europe are more open and quicker to smile or pass a compliment, but in the north they're not exactly bursting with charm. I show them how they can ask questions and switch the conversation it the other person is nodding off," Ionescu told Reuters.

Thus far the college has lived up to its promise of endless fun and magical romance, and has even managed to match-make four of hungry hearts.

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