How much do the media training courses in Germany cost? | Frequently Asked Questions | DW | 06.08.2019

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How much do the media training courses in Germany cost?

Learning from DW media experts

The fees for the media training courses at the Bonn and Berlin locations vary depending on the duration and type of training. For example, a one-day workshop on digital safety costs 560 euros, while a five-day media training course in TV moderation costs 1,500 euros.

Special rates are offered for members of the German Journalists' Association (DJV), members of the trade union Ver.di and the Federal Association of German Press Spokespersons (Bundesverband deutscher Pressesprecher e.V., BdP). We accept education vouchers (Bildungschecks).

Media courses can be put together to meet the needs of your organization. For more information, specific offerings and a list of our current medium trainings courses, visit our web page.


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