How Malaysia is forging a green future with an eco-label | Green technology | DW | 19.09.2017

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Green technology

How Malaysia is forging a green future with an eco-label

Malaysia has vowed to fight energy and resource waste—partly with the help of a new eco label. The country's path to a green future might be long but it's full of promise, say advocates.

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Malaysia's green future

Project goal: Making Malaysians conscious of environmental protection with the help of green products and a eco label
Project size: The label already has more than 850 items in its product portfolio, including an electric moped—of which around 400 are being used
Project partners: Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister, German development agency, GIZ, and the International Climate Initiative (IKI)

The electric mopeds whirring around the streets of Malaysia are just one example of the country's efforts to go green. Right now, the vehicles aren't available for private purchase and are being use in fleets insteads, including by authorities and fast food chains. The mopeds have been given a green stamp of approval but any products that want to get the same eco label first have to prove their environmental credentials. Malaysia wants to protect the environment and resources, while at the same time future proofing its economy, with the new label. It's a long road, but it has to be taken, says the government. The state is currently the eco label's biggest advocate.

A film by Bastian Hartig

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