How healthy is going barefoot? | Healthy Living | DW | 27.04.2017
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Healthy Living

How healthy is going barefoot?

People who go barefoot often feel freer without shoes than with them. They’re more aware of walking surface because they deal with it more intensely, and going barefoot also brings many health benefits for our feet.

It does our feet good to walk without supporting footwear once in a while. Because walking barefoot entails constantly adjusting to irregularities on the ground, it strengthens and exercises the foot muscles. These muscles are important because they support the transverse and longitudinal arches on the underside of the foot. If the muscles atrophy, the arches can fall. Conditions such as flat feet can result. For children and teenagers, going barefoot is a good way to contribute to the development of healthy feet. Going barefoot doesn’t always help misalignment in adult feet. People going barefoot should also pay attention to where they walk. Thorns, pebbles, shards of glass and similar objects can easily be safety hazards. Injuries are painful and can become infected. The best place to go barefoot is on a stroll or run along the beach.