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HIV - The Pandemic Is Not Over

November 25, 2021

AIDS continues to claim hundreds of thousands of lives every year. According to the UN, the main reasons for this are taboo, stigmatization and discrimination.

HIV-infizierte Zelle
Image: Science Photo Library/imago

How HIV destroys the immune system

HIV destroys the helper T cells of the immune system. If left untreated, this leads to so-called AIDS-defining illnesses such as tuberculosis and other infections that the organism can no longer fight off.


Deutschland Aidshilfe in Frankfurt am Main
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/A. Dedert

A normal life with HIV

Antiretroviral therapy keeps HIV in check and enables those affected to have a normal life and a normal life expectancy. But people with HIV still suffer from stigmatization and exclusion.



In Good Shape | Caroline Isner
Image: DW

Strategies to fight HIV

In an interview, Berlin-based HIV physician Caroline Isner explains new approaches to prevention and treatment.




Symbolbild Weltaidstag AIDS in Afrika Schleife und Globus
Image: picture-alliance/dpa

(F)actually healthy: How myths complicate the fight against HIV.

Misinformation and half-knowledge about the virus still result in thousands of preventable HIV infections. The (f)actually department gets to the bottom of some typical myths surrounding the subject.


Aids Awareness Projekt | Kondome
Image: picture-alliance/Wildlife/M. Harvey

The plight of women

Globally, about half of new HIV infections affect women, but in some places the proportion is much higher. Women can face violence if they insist on condoms or refuse sex. But more and more want to actively protect themselves. New drugs are helping.



In Good Shape | Vivien Wettig
Image: DW

Fit with Vivian

Fitness instructor Vivian demonstrates an exercise to help keep your hips flexible - and your butt in good shape.





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