Hildebrand Attacks Kahn′s Maturity | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 14.10.2004
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Hildebrand Attacks Kahn's Maturity

Criticism engulfing Bayern Munich keeper Oliver Kahn shows no sign of coming to a halt, with German international rival Timo Hildebrand claiming he should be showing more maturity on the pitch at 35. Kahn was blasted for a recent fracas with international team-mate Miroslav Klose, when he pushed his gloves into the face of the Werder Bremen striker, and VfB Stuttgart's Hildebrand claims Kahn needs to grow up. "You do not put your gloves in the face of a fellow player especially when you play together for the national side," Hildebrand told Die Zeit newspaper. "At his age and after all he has achieved in football that aggressive nature should not be needed." Hildebrand, ten years Kahn's junior at 25, insisted that he, unlike Kahn, can keep his emotions under control. "I am not the type of person to treat team-mates like that and and I do not want to be someone who goes for the throat." Hildebrand, currently third choice goalkeeper for Germany, has watched Arsenal shot-stopper Jens Lehman and Kahn vye for the number one jersey both on and off the pitch. "In the case of Kahn and Lehmann two personalities are clashing and in the long run Timo will be the winner," Stuttgart manager Matthias Sammer said. A poll by Kicker magazine on Thursday claimed Hildebrand was the best choice, ahead of Lehmann and Kahn. (AFP)