High Five: Artwork inspired by dogs | High Five | DW | 04.12.2018
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High Five

High Five: Artwork inspired by dogs

Our first pet and best friend, dogs have inevitably become a key theme in human art throughout the ages. Even for today's contemporary artists, dogs bring a variety of inspiration.

Dogs have multiple responsibilities in the lives of their human companions: protector, helper in distress, hunter, cuddly toy, and sometimes muse. Throughout history, dogs have often been tormented, and pampered. What we see in our dogs, and how we treat them, reveals a lot about ourselves. It's no wonder that this original human pet has also inspired some great art.

Dogs have been painted on canvases and immortalized in sculptures for centuries. To this day, artists never tire of working with their faithful four-legged friends, including art stars like Jeff Koons. 

Bildergalerie Werke von Jeff Koons (picture-alliance/dpa/D. Goldsztejn)

Jeff Koon's created several huge dog sculptures, including his celebrated "Balloon Dog" from the 1990s


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