High Five: 5 statues of stars that don′t look quite right | High Five | DW | 10.01.2018
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High Five

High Five: 5 statues of stars that don't look quite right

A statue for someone famous is supposed to be an honor. In some cases, something goes horribly wrong.

Being famous isn't always easy. And being turned into a cult figure may even result in a lot of stress.

Paparazzi may be a pain in the neck, but at least, their pics are direct reproductions of reality. Things are more complicated when an artist feels inspired to create an artwork to represent a cult figure. A bronze sculpture of a star is usually a sure sign of the importance of their achievements. However, there are risks to being hyped. Sometimes those artworks simply don't look like the famous person they're supposed to represent. 

We're used to statues of people who passed away a long time ago. There are hundreds of Napoleon statues in France and Shakespeare sculptures all over the world.

Nowadays, the big stars are rather actors and actresses or soccer champions. If the hometown of a star feels particularly connected to him or her, it is likely to devote a sculpture to its most famous son or daughter.

Several monuments have been devoted to soccer star Diego Maradona. The late British singer Amy Winehouse was immortalized in London's Camden Town;  Freddy Mercury is commemorated at Lake Geneva.

The artworks devoted to stars may vary a lot in terms of resemblance to the real person. In our High Five ranking in the gallery above, we present some particularly striking examples.


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