Greek Salad with Red-Wine Cheese | Vegetarian Dishes | DW | 18.09.2012
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Vegetarian Dishes

Greek Salad with Red-Wine Cheese

Greek Salad with Red-Wine Cheese

Ingredients for Greek Salad with Red-Wine Cheese and Goat's Cheese

Serves 4

4 tomatoes

1 small cucumber

1 onion or Spanish onion, as desired

1 green pepper

black olives, if desired

good quality olive oil

4 slices of red-wine cheese (cheese marinated in red wine)

4 slices of goat's milk cheese (or feta cheese, as desired)

2 hard boiled eggs

a few chilli peppers



Cut the tomatoes in cubes.

Peel the cucumber, if desired, and cut it into cubes

Slice the onion into rings or strips.

Remove the core from the green pepper and cut the flesh into chunks.

Gently mix all the chopped up ingredients. Fold in the black olives.

Spoon the mixture onto four plates and sprinkle each liberally with salt.

Place one slice of red-wine cheese and one slice of goat's milk cheese (or feta) on top of each plate

Cut the hard boiled eggs into quarters and put two pieces on each plate

Garnish with one or two chilli peppers

Now sprinkle chopped oregano on each salad and drizzle with plenty of olive oil. Serve with fresh rustic bread.

Καλή όρεξη! (Kalí óreksi! or bon appétit!)

This recipe comes to us courtesy of chef Zacharias Hazicharistos.