Goethe-Institut - 70 Years of Cultural Exchange | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 03.12.2021

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Goethe-Institut - 70 Years of Cultural Exchange

Founded in 1951 to train German-language teachers, today the Goethe-Institut has a network of 158 centers in 98 countries.

We look back at its 70-year history, hear from its new president and feature three outstanding cultural ambassadors.


Inaugural Visit in Cameroon

The Goethe-Institut’s new president Carola Lentz has been in office for a year. Her first major trip abroad took her to Douala and Yaoundé to celebrate the institute’s 60th anniversary in Cameroon. A visit between diplomacy and cultural exchange.



From language teaching to cultural institute

Can poetry heal the wounds of history? That’s what the Goethe-Institut dared to believe. First with language lessons and German songs, then with intercultural dialogue. A historical overview: from the 1950s to the big issues of today.



Connecting through sound art

A blend of Zen Buddhism and the avant-garde. Japanese composer Toshio Hosokawa combines his country’s traditional music with western styles to create his very own unique sound. It earned him a 2021 Goethe Medal.



The body as archive of memory

Documentary filmmaker, dancer, choreographer and 2021 Goethe Medal recipient Wen Hui is considered a pioneer of contemporary Chinese dance. Her mixed-media performances explore China's past and present.



Colonialism and remembrance culture

Cultural ambassador, remembrance culture warrior and 2021 Goethe Medal recipient. Princess Marilyn Douala Manga Bell is the great-granddaughter of Rudolf Douala Manga Bell, once king of the Douala people of Cameroon and famous resistance fighter.



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