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Global 3000

The Globalization Program


Latest edition

The Globalization Program

A village in the Negev Desert shows how Jews and Muslims can get along peacefully. Illegal gold miners threaten the environment in Mozambique. Brazilian cotton spinners send song poems as a bonus, along with their cloths and towels.

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  • 19.01.2022 | 06:30 on DW Deutsch+‎
  • 17.01.2022 | 00:30 on DW English‎
  • 17.01.2022 | 05:02 on DW English‎
  • 17.01.2022 | 11:30 on DW English‎
  • 18.01.2022 | 23:30 on DW English‎
  • 19.01.2022 | 02:30 on DW English‎
  • 19.01.2022 | 21:30 on DW English‎
  • 21.01.2022 | 08:30 on DW English‎

Next edition

The Globalization Program

One of the most perilous routes used by migrants passes through the Darién Gap, a jungle in Central America. In Sudan, the dream of democracy is dying. Nutrition education in Japanese schools.

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Broadcast times

  • 26.01.2022 | 06:30 on DW Deutsch+‎
  • 24.01.2022 | 00:30 on DW English‎
  • 24.01.2022 | 05:02 on DW English‎
  • 24.01.2022 | 11:30 on DW English‎
  • 25.01.2022 | 23:30 on DW English‎
  • 26.01.2022 | 02:30 on DW English‎
  • 26.01.2022 | 21:30 on DW English‎
  • 28.01.2022 | 08:30 on DW English‎
01.2012 DW Global 3000

Global 3000 - The Globalization Program

Global 3000 – DW’s globalization magazine looks at the issues that are moving us today, and shows how people are living with the opportunities and risks of globalization.

American toddlers learn Chinese. Afghans study Thai ways of doing things. Mapuche Indians from Patagonia want to take Benetton to court. And what do sheep in New Zealand have to do with climate change? We live in a globalized world. Events in Asia have repercussions in Europe. European reactions have knock-on effects in South America. The situation in the Amazon Rainforest concerns us all.

Global 3000 – widening horizons by examining the global consequences of local actions – and vice-versa. We bring you news, reports and portraits on globalization issues. Viewers can contribute to the program by sending in their personal stories and experiences, helping shape a weekly broadcast that gives new insights into the world-wide community to which we all belong. Globalization is all around us – and every week we give it a face with Global 3000.

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