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Meet Carolina

Carolina MachhausOctober 14, 2014

Having grown up zigzagging between South America and Europe, Carolina knows what it means to be torn between two cultures.

Life Links, Reporter Carolina Machhaus
Image: DW/Life Links

I’ve worked as a video journalist since the start of my degree in Politics and Portuguese in Berlin. For me there is nothing more interesting than telling a story with great images and strong quotes. When not producing video features, I work as a news journalist, specializing in South America.

What was your biggest challenge growing up?

Growing up between two continents - South America and Europe – proved both the biggest present and sometimes the biggest challenge of my life.

What does tolerance mean to you personally?

It’s something we still have to defend and fight for.

Does life get easier the older you get?

Life is always changing and every part of it is beautiful, and sometimes challenging.

Life Links, Reporter Carolina Machhaus
Image: DW/Life Links