Germany′s Best | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 02.04.2006
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Germany's Best

Find out what's good about Germany today in DW-WORLD.DE's Top 100 list of all things German.

These two don't seem to have a problem celebrating Germany

These two don't seem to have a problem celebrating Germany

Germans are world champions when it comes to complaining -- even about their own country. For decades, they've struggled to find a balance between acknowledging the evil of Germany's Nazi past and celebrating the good things about being German.

Following years of economic depression and in anticipation of the World Cup, several campaigns have been launched recently to try and cheer up the nation. Florian Langenscheidt, whose company produces reference books, also wanted to do his part to prove to Germans and those interested in the country that there are many reasons to love Germany.

With help from a jury that included Deutsche Welle's Director-General Erik Bettermann, Langenscheidt picked praiseworthy people, companies, places, events and characteristics and compiled them in a book: "Germany's Best -- 250 Reasons to Love Our Country Today."

DW-TV has produced a film that showcases these reasons, and DW-WORLD.DE will bring you 100 reasons to love Germany -- one a day -- until the end of the World Cup.

Click on the picture gallery below to check out what made the list.

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