Germany weighs options on Syria | News | DW | 26.08.2013
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Germany weighs options on Syria

Germany is mulling its options on how to respond to the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria. The government says it will wait for a report from UN weapons inspectors before deciding its next move.

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Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said on Monday that if suspicions of chemical weapons use in Syria are confirmed, "then Germany will be among those [countries], that consider it right for there to be consequences."

Ever since the alleged chemical weapons attack outside Damascus last Wednesday killed more than 350 people, Western powers have urged a swift response, possibly including military action against President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

The United States, Great Britain and France have all said the use of force against Damascus may be warranted.

However, Syrian ally Russia has warned of "catastrophic consequences" for the region if a military intervention is carried out.

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