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man in hood with gun
Prosecutors allege the man helped recruit fighters for al QaedaImage: AP Graphics

Terrorist Charged

DW staff (ot)
December 20, 2007

German prosecutors in Karlsruhe announced charges on Thursday, Dec 20, against a Moroccan man for allegedly assisting terror groups and planning to open a terrorist training camp in Sudan.


The suspect has been identified as Abdel Ali M. He was extradited from Sweden in May and officially charged on Nov. 18 but details of the case were not released until Dec. 20.

"The accused is believed to have been involved in the recruitment of fighters from Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and smuggled them into Iraq to aid Al-Qaeda of Mesopotamia," the federal prosecutor's office said in a statement.

He is also believed to have helped five Muslim radicals start a "terrorist organisation" in Sudan with the aim of waging an Al-Qaeda-inspired guerrilla war, the federal prosecutor's office here said in a statement.

The 25-year-old is the third man to be arrested in the plot. He is allegedly an accomplice of another man in German custody known as Redouane E.H., a 37-year-old German of Moroccan descent who has been on trial since July.

Evidence uncovered in his case indicates that the men chatted with other Islamists online while police listened in.

Another man, a 33-year-old Jordanian, was also extradited to Germany from Sweden in May. He was charged in October and is set to go on trial in the coming months.

No trial date has been set for Abdel Ali M.

German law and Germany's press codex attempt to protect the privacy of suspected and convicted criminals by only allowing publication of their first names and the first initial of their surnames. DW-WORLD.DE adheres to this practice.

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