German Soccer Club Auctions Chance to Be Coach For a Day | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 09.01.2008
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German Soccer Club Auctions Chance to Be Coach For a Day

Ever dream of being a professional soccer coach? The winner of an eBay auction will get a chance to be the coach of a German club for one day -- and help save the team from bankruptcy.

Four soccer balls on the grass

The team isn't putting all their balls in one basket but is looking to make money creatively

It could be a lucky break for the highest bidder. And the broke German soccer club KFC Uerdingen is hoping it'll be their big break too -- out of insolvency.

Since declaring bankruptcy in December, the regional fourth division team from Krefeld has been picking its brain for ways to keep its head above water -- and its 22 feet on the field. Legally speaking, it has until the end of January to do so before the insolvency process continues.

According to the team's eBay listing, the winner of the auction will over a 24-hour period experience "all the joys coaching has to offer." From the sound of things, it's more like a whole coaching career in a day.

On Jan. 19, he (or she) will introduce themselves to the players as the new coach before leading the former Bundesliga team through a friendly game against Rot Weiß Oberhausen with the help of real-life coach Aleksandar Ristic.

"Whether you're an old school drill sergeant, an introverted tactical fox, an emotional motivator or a completely different kind of coach is entirely up to you," reads the ad.

Guest coach's fate already written

Empty pockets

The team is short some 250,000 euros, said chairman Ralf Houben

Following the match, the eBay winner will learn of his (or her) dismissal, according to the listing, and "be left searching for words" like many a formerly great coach in the sport's history.

It may seem rather unfair that the dismissal has been planned before the new coach has even had a chance to strut his (or her) stuff. But we're assuming that KFC Uerdingen is more interested in their fans' Pay Pal accounts than coaching abilities -- and that it's the eBay coach who'll get the pink slip after the game and not Ristic.

This isn't the first time the 1985 German Cup winners have taken their chances with amateurs in favor of staying in the black. Two year ago, a 33-year-old insurance salesman bought a temporary spot on the team for three minutes of glory on the field during a friendly game against Bayern Munich.

With a little over six days to go in the auction, the highest bidder on at 6:30 p.m. local time on Wednesday, Jan. 9, was willing to pay 815 euros ($1,200) for the dream job. Seems like the club could still do with a bit more money.

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