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German media star Stefan Raab says goodbye to TV

June 18, 2015

Comedian Stefan Raab has announced plans to end his 16-year long TV career at ProSieben. Executives at the German channel, where Raab earned his fame as a TV personality, called the decision an "end of an era."

ESC 2000 Stefan Raab
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/Wagner

One of the biggest TV celebrities in Germany, Stefan Raab, will host his last television show at the end of this year, the entertainer and his host channel announced Wednesday night.

"ProSieben has offered me a long-term extension of contract. I feel very honored," Raab said in a statement announcing his intentions to step down.

"However, I have made my decision with conviction and after serious thinking," he said, without providing reasons for the move.

Since first appearing on German TV in the 1990's, Raab has been involved a string of successful shows, including a Saturday night hit "Schlag den Raab" (Beat Raab). In the live event, the famously competitive comedian draws millions of viewers by playing games against guests who are trying to win large money prizes.

First broadcast in 2006, the format has since been exported to several European countries.

He also produced a show that decided a German representative for Eurovision song contest in 2010.

Raab, who won several awards during the 16-year long carrier at German channel ProSieben, said that he and his employers in the network part ways "on best terms possible."

In turn, ProSieben executive Wolfgang Link called his decision to resign an "end of an era," and thanked the comedian for his "artistic strength and loyality"

"If he ever considers retiring from his retirement: all the doors at ProSieben are open to him," Link said.

dj/bw (dpa, ProSieben.de)