German Industrial Output Falls in August | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 07.10.2005
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German Industrial Output Falls in August

Industrial output in Germany declined in August, weighed down by falling activity in the key manufacturing and energy sectors, data published by the German Economy and Labor Ministry showed on Friday. German industrial output fell by 1.6 percent in August from the figure for July, wiping out the gain of 1.2 percent recorded the previous month, the ministry said in a statement. The main factor behind the decline was a 1.7-percent drop in output in the key manufacturing sector. Energy output also declined, falling by 2.3 percent. By contrast, construction output was up by 1.1 percent, the ministry said. Using a two-month comparison to iron out short-term fluctuations, pan-German industrial output rose by 1.2 percent in July and August combined from the figure for May and June, the ministry calculated.

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