Gabriela Gleinig | All about those Germans | DW | 19.11.2012
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Those Germans

Gabriela Gleinig

has an Argentinian mother and a Paraguayan father, so a love of football and beer isn’t part of her DNA. But curiosity is her middle name and as a roving reporter, she’ll be finding out what makes Germans tick and why.

Gabriela Gleinig Dreh zu So geht Deutschland Gabriela Gleinig, Moderatorin So geht Deutschland Bildrechte: DW

So geht Deutschland, Gabriela Gleinig

Born in Berlin in 1988, Gabriela Gleinig gets in touch with her roots studying Spanish philology, Portugese and Latin American studies at the Freie Universität in Berlin. With her South American background, she has a special interest in our series "Those Germans" and a personal take on outsiders' views of Germany and Germans. In her video series she'll be sorting out the truth from the fiction and getting to the bottom of the German soul.

Her journey will take her across the country. Tune in to the TV show "Deutschland heute," the English version "Germany Today" and the Spanish version "Alemania Hoy" to follow her on her odyssey.

When she's not being a roving reporter, Gabriela is part of the team of the DW show "World Stories." As well as studying and working at Deutsche Welle, she spends a lot of time dancing: she's a sought-after Zumba trainer in Berlin!