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Götz George

Götz George (1938-2016) was a German actor best known for playing the detective Horst Schimanski in the highly successful German television crime series, "Tatort."

Götz George was born and grew up in Berlin in an acting family. He was named after his father's favorite character from a play by Goethe, the medieval knight Götz von Berlichingen. His childhood was overshadowed by the fate of his father, who died as a Soviet prisoner in the aftermath of World War II. Götz George started out as a stage actor and moved on to television and film, achieving his big screen breakthrough in "When the White Lilacs Bloom Again" in 1953. His most notable film roles were playing the serial killer Fritz Haarman in "Deathmaker" (1995) and his own father in "George" (2012). But George is most well known in Germany as the gruff, proletarian detective Schimanski in the popular "Tatort" crime series.