For people who want to make a difference | The new DW - global insights for local heroes | DW | 22.06.2015
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The new DW - global insights for local heroes

For people who want to make a difference

The new DW is for the world’s local heroes. People who rely on global insights and who think, reflect, reconsider and innovate. We are there for them with the news and information they need to shape their world.

DW has launched its new flagship channel, with a renewed focus on international news and interactivity. The new DW is now available as a live stream on the app and the website, as well as being broadcast worldwide via satellite and on partner stations.

The new DW provides viewers with a comprehensive package of news and analysis with increased coverage of the world's most-pressing issues. DW will continue to deliver everything that audiences have come to expect from Germany’s international broadcaster - clarity, precision and reliability. The new DW is even more modern and interactive, with 24 hours of continuous news coverage in English and an increased focus on social media. DW’s team of trusted journalists will be reporting from a remodeled DW studio, with a sleek, modern design and updated features.

DW's new English language channel is defined by its bold journalism. The new lineup was designed for the world’s local heroes, who rely on global insights. These are people who think, reflect, reconsider, innovate. Who make rules, instead of playing by them and motivate instead of standing in the way. DW is there for them - to provide them with the news and information they need to shape their world - made in Germany, made for minds.

DW wants to hear about the people in your community who are making a difference. Is it the people who are fighting for better medical treatment in your community or for a factory that can provide good jobs? Or is your local hero your grandma who always walked you to school? Heroes come in all shapes and sizes - we want to hear all of your stories and show the world who these local heroes are. Just fill out the form or join the discussion with #dwlocalheroes on to submit your story.

DW is also showing the world a few examples: Local heroes like Regina Agyare who is helping young girls in Ghana prepare for the future by encouraging them to learn about technology.

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