For asparagus fans only! | Poultry | DW | 05.04.2017
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For asparagus fans only!

Whether it's white or green, asparagus is a true spring delicacy. We visit a gourmet restaurant in Oxford that serves asparagus with poached chicken and black truffles.

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For asparagus fans only!

Recipe for Poached Truffle Chicken with Green Asparagus
Ingredients for two persons
1 chicken breast filet
200 gr. green asparagus
30 gr. summer truffles
For the side dish
80 gr. mushrooms
50 gr. peas
50 gr. broccoli
Slice the chicken breast filet open in the middle to produce a pocket. Salt, dust with flour, and place thinly rasped slices of truffle on it. Fold the pocket shut, wrap the filet in foil, and poach it at 70 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes. That gives the poultry time to absorb the truffle flavor.
Green asparagus does not need to be peeled; just cut off or break off the woody ends. Boil the spears of asparagus in salted water until they are al dente.
Sautee the mushrooms in butter, add a squeeze of lemon juice. Don't salt until they are finished cooking.
Blanch the peas and broccoli.
Cut the chicken into portions and place it and the vegetable mix decoratively on plates.
Enjoy your meal!



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