Five Best eCards for Mother’s Day | Digital Culture | DW | 11.05.2018
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Digital Culture

Five Best eCards for Mother’s Day

Forgot Mother’s Day again and it’s too late to send flowers? Then let your mother know that you care – electronically! Here are the best virtual greeting cards that you can send today.


History of the eCard

eCards, or “electronic postcards” have been around since 1994. They were invented by Judith Donath at the MIT Media Lab. From a simple customized e-postcard with text and picture in the nineties, the online greeting card business has grown. Today, you can send eCards with interactive games, eCards personalized with your face and animated videos. Here are our top five best picks for Mother’s Day.

Hallmark Time Machine

Hallmark is a traditional go-to for a great variety of eCards. But have you tried out their “Time Machine” collection? Here you can find vintage cards that you can customize and send online – from the roaring 20s to today. If your mom loves all things antique, this is the place to go.



Ojolie puts a modern design touch to their electronic greeting cards. Clean graphics (also animated), handwritten texts and collages make for a contemporary look on eCards. If your mother loves art and design, this is the site to turn to.


Rubber Chicken

Rubber Chicken’s eCards are different from all other eCard producers. They are animations with voice-overs for a large number of occasions, including Mother’s Day. At Rubber Chicken, there are fish who sing and female presidents of the USA who celebrate Mother’s Day every week.


Some eCards

On Some eCards, the quirkiness continues: here you find a number of simple, pastel colored cards that focus on funny punchlines. “Mom, thanks for always being slightly less disappointed in me than Dad is” is one of the less cheeky ones. If your mother is into bawdy jokes, send her a card from this site.



On Jibjab, there is a fun and colorful collection of customizable greeting cards. Here you can upload a photo of your mom and paste it into short dancing clips. Have her rollerblade, rap or be a drill sergeant. An entertaining way to honor one's mother!