First Aid for First Love | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 24.11.2004
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First Aid for First Love

The first German clinic advising youngsters on love, puberty and sex recently opened in the Bavarian city of Munich -- a bit of a surprise as the southern state is largely seen as Germany's most conservative region.


Munich's love doctors probably work with more current brochures

The first clinic for teenagers who wish to discuss issues regarding their love lives has now opened. Boys and girls from 10 years old upwards can come to this "first-love clinic" at the city's Schwabing hospital with any type of question regarding love, puberty and sex. Advice and medical examinations are both free and anonymous, said spokeswoman Dama Faust at the hospital on Tuesday.

The social workers and doctors, who together run this contact point for teenagers, help with lovesickness as well as with pregnancies or sexual illnesses. The supporting agency, First Love, is financed by both the Bavarian social ministry and through private concerns. German boxing world champion Regina Halmich has also gotten involved in the project as a spokeswoman. A model for such clinics is in Vienna, said the spokeswoman. If the project is successful, similar clinics will also be set up with help from the organization Pro Familia.

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