Fans flock to Queen’s jubilee concert | News | DW | 04.06.2012
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Fans flock to Queen’s jubilee concert

Festivities to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II reached a crescendo with a special concert in London. Beacons have also been lit around the world.

Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II took a musical turn with a concert in front of London's Buckingham Palace on Monday.

Thousands of music enthusiasts and fans of the British royal family gathered on Monday to witness a concert involving musical celebrities including Paul McCartney and Elton John.

The concert opened to fireworks and a performance by Take That star Robbie Williams, who was accompanied by guards wearing red tunics and bearskins, playing trumpets. He opened with his trademark "Let me entertain you."

There was also a classical recital from Chinese pianist Lang Lang, who performed works by Liszt and Rachmaninov.

The 86-year-old queen was without her husband, Prince Philip, for the celebrations. Hours before the concert, it was announced that he had been admitted to hospital with a bladder infection.

The concert ended with the queen lighting one of many beacons across the world to celebrate her 60 years on the throne. The first was lit by scouts and girl guides in the Pacific islands of Tonga, while Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard - who has herself expressed republican leanings - lit a beacon in Canberra.

rc/msh (AFP, Reuters)