Faith Matters - Prosthetics for the Poor in Albania | Faith Matters - The Church Program | DW | 01.10.2016
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Faith Matters

Faith Matters - Prosthetics for the Poor in Albania

Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe. What little medical care is available remains unaffordable for many people. German orthopedic technician Daniel Müller is in the country representing the Christian charity Emergency Care Albania. In Pogradec, close to the border with Macedonia, he is the only one who can provide patients with prosthetic replacements for amputated limbs.

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Tufe Llapushi burned her foot on a stove at the age of one. After the wound became infected, the foot had to be amputated. Now 46, Tufe has had a number of operations and half of her leg has since been removed. Tufe Llapushi lives in a remote mountain village, far from any city, but is fortunate to be a patient of Daniel Müller. The orthopedic technician is only able to treat a fraction of those in need here. Müller has just one apprentice to help him. His efforts would not be possible without the support of a German Christian charity which has been trying to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Albania for over twenty years. Müller lives in Albania with his wife and three children.