Euromaxx survey: Which is your favorite time of day?  | Lifestyle | DW | 08.01.2021
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Euromaxx survey: Which is your favorite time of day? 

There’s a famous German proverb that goes,"The early bird catches the worm". But night owls would ardently would strongly disagree with that. Are you an early riser or are you more of a night owl?

For most people, night is the time for sleep, but for others, it’s the time to be active and creative. In this special edition of Euromaxx, we profile artists who work mostly at night - like the Danish musician Agnes Obel or light artist Javier Riera from Madrid, who projects large-scale geometric shapes onto trees or mountains when it’s dark. German painter Silke Silkeborg has taken on the challenge of capturing the night on canvas for ten years. Several times a week, she sits down in the darkness and paints whatever is visible. 

We would like to know what time of day you like best - and why? Are you a night owl or are you more of an early riser? We are looking forward to your answers. With a bit of luck, you'll receive an exclusivel-designed DW backpack with goodies inside as a thank you.

This time of day is my favorite: 

None of the above

Deadline for entries is January 15, 2021, 12pm UTC. The judges' decision is final. Good luck!

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