Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 14.12.2013
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

Lifestyle Europe

Elena Ochoa Foster's Publishing House
We meet the woman behind the company Ivorypress based in Madrid. Elena Ochoa Foster is an avid art enthusiast and she specializes in limited edition coffee table books that often become collector's items. One example is a bronze book cover by Anthony Caro which encases the handwritten poems of German writer Hans Magnus Enzenberger.

Mountain Dining at the Ice Q
The Ice Q Restaurant has just opened in the Ötztal valley in southwestern Austria. It is uniquely designed out of glass and situated at the area's number one mountain for skiing. The Ice Q Restaurant is a transparent structure and has been ranked as a top architectural masterpiece.

Architectural Photographer Iwan Baan
The photos of architectural photographer Iwan Baan are regularly published all over the world. In fact, Baan is considered one of the most important architectural photographers of our time. Now his latest installment of work is on display at the MARTa Museum in Herford, Germany. The exhibition is called "52 weeks 52 cities”.

La Fete des Lumières
We visit the Festival of Lights in the French city of Lyon. It's a 4 day event that attracts more than four million visitors every year. The celebrations evolved from a religious tradition in which citizens lit candles to mark the inauguration of a Virgin Mary statue at the city’s hilltop Basilica. The event is now Europe's biggest "light show" featuring world-class artists.

Christmas Myths
Christmas is a special time in Germany with mulled wine stands and Santa Clauses at Christmas markets throughout the country. But how did these traditions get started? Author Claudia Weingartner penned a book about Christmas and its myths as she explains at the Munich Christmas Market.

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